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Fleas and Other Stuff

SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE AND HELP THE CHURCH! As a church, we will be tapping into the flea market economy around us on Friday, June 7, and Saturday, June 8. We will set up sales at the ongoing flea market in the parking lot below our church, and we also will be selling items in our own parking lot.

We primarily hope to sell items donated by church folks. We also will be selling some unneeded church property. We are making room in our gym and education wing for new ministries and classes as our church continues to grow!

To donate items for the sale, you can drop them off Saturday, June 1, at the upstairs entrance to the gym and education wing between the hours of 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. Please price your items before dropping them off! The actual sale on June 7 and 8 will begin as early as 7 a.m. and go as late as 4 p.m., with volunteers needed throughout the day. See Ronnie Flanary or Sandra Bussell to offer help.

We in particular need volunteers willing to show up very early Friday so we can be set up and ready to sell by 7 a.m. at both locations.

All proceeds will benefit the basic mission of the church, to make and grow disciples of Jesus Christ. Let's also use this time to establish relationships with our neighbors, creating opportunities to share the love of Christ with them.


In the narthex (the church entryway leading to the sanctuary), there is a notepad to list the names of high school and college graduates for a bulletin insert we will soon publish. Please also provide the graduate's school, and if graduating from college, his or her major. You also can email the information to


Be sure to welcome a young man named Richard Jones, who will be with us for about six months. He will be working among us as he fulfills his supervised ministry requirements. He hopes to one day to serve as a clergyman in the Global Methodist Church.

I expect him to lead a short-term Sunday school class and preach in a couple of settings, among other training opportunities.


If you're with us regularly, you've probably noticed by now that we are praying for a police officer in training, Scottlin Baker, who is in Law Enforcement Basic School at the Southwest Virginia Criminal Justice Academy in Bristol, Va. After he graduates, he will become an officer with the Weber City Police Department.

Please consider sending him a note of encouragement! Use this address: Scottlin Baker, c/o Southwest Virginia Criminal Justice Academy, 1595 Bonham Road, Bristol, VA 24201.

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